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Drama? But Why?

"You only need Drama lessons if you want to be an Actor" - False!

During the last 12 months, I think all parents have had a rising level of respect for Primary School teachers. I honestly think that a massive pay raise and a 7 week summer holiday still wouldn't entice the rest of us into the profession. They are, without doubt, Heroes. However, even they can only do so much from behind a screen. Without expression, confidence and creative play, our children will turn into screen engendered zombies. Yes, there is still hope!

It fills me with confidence to read articles of support for Drama becoming a more focused subject in school. I have stuffed up major parts of homeschool, unintentionally of course. When my boys forget to login to a class because I am teaching online, when I haven't uploaded the work in the correct place and the teacher assumes that they have done nothing for 6 weeks. There are times when I have scalded myself for not having a PHD, I mean, who the chuff knows what a subordinating, conjunctive sentence is? Seriously, who? But.... my Children have seen the benefit in having a drama teacher as a parent! Interactive learning, role play, creative experiments, storytime acted out with a plethora of different sounds & voices - generally not mine. That's not to say that other parents in other professions haven't done a great job but just that I have seen how valuable Drama is in daily life. Until now, I have considered myself so lucky to have a job that I love and I get to clown around, having fun, creating performances for my 'work'. While it is still all of that - it is now much more. Drama teachers have a duty to pass on these life skills to EVERYONE.

My point is, we stand in front of audiences whichever way we walk in life. We communicate, express emotion and empathise everyday. Without these skills, what would we be? Screen engendered zombies? All children have dreams, to be Footballers, Dentists, Lawyers, Dancers, Actors, Teachers (I know!) and without the creative space and confidence to nurture them, those dreams eventually fade.

Drama gives us an invitation to explore, to imagine and to express ourselves. So NO! Drama lessons are NOT just for keen Actors, Drama lessons are as important as communication itself. The younger we release creative expression, the more likely it will stick around and oh, how interesting people will become!

To join us or not to join? That is the Question!

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