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Going splatty and getting the best

We are missing, seeing all of our LJ family soooooooooo much! It has been so great, hearing about each family and their lockdown activities, seeing everyone online and receiving exciting posters and videos too. We feel our community has grown so much during this strange time and we have made the most of seeing all of the positives in this situation.

Despite the lack of physical communication, getting our 'house in order' ready for visitors to return has been exciting and rewarding. This time has given us an opportunity to plan detailed classes, review our work, strengthen our values and be more creative than ever. I am itching to put them all in to practice.

Dont get me wrong, we have all had our days of climbing the walls and going utterly bonkers. My own children think I am nuts and can't believe that some of what I have been doing is "actually a job" - I am very lucky that I get to experiment with fun for a living!

Talking of experimenting with fun......... with the help of an amazing LJ parent and true supporter of ours (Scott McArthur), we have brought our LJ logo to life in the form of Splatty. Splatty has a range of varying emotions and tells great (bad) jokes! Have a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages for Friday Fun with splatty!

In essence, these weeks/months (albiet strange, sometimes sad and uncertain) should help us to see the best in all situations. We hope you have enjoyed some lovely family time, released your creativity and paused to appreciate the people and things that really matter to us in life.

Keep creating and keep in touch. We sincerely love celebrating every one of you, regular class members and recent guests. What makes you great is your individual confidence and if all of us at LJ can continue to help you release that, then.....................well..............................that makes us very, very happy!

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