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Totes Emosh

Ok..... so I know that phrases like "totes emosh" are so last year (although I for one am happy to be transported to last year for the time being!) but we couldn't really put it any other way!

The last 4 months have been .............. emotional! We have been overwhelmed by the support of our LJ family, joining our online classes, taking part in our free activities, accepting challenges and just keeping in touch to put smiles on our faces. If you hadn't already gathered, we are HUGELY GRATEFUL! However, it hasn't all been jazz hands and sparkles. There are so many families who have had their lives turned around by the economic downturn as well as the health scares during the last few months. Please feel all of our love that we send to you. We have lost family members to CoVid, we are clinging on to business, our husbands have lost jobs, gained jobs, we are working all hours to fit in home school, playing mum, wife, teacher, referee etc. Despite all of this, we still consider ourselves to be the lucky ones!! We know it has been tough for so many people but we know that times like this encourage us to get stronger and grow better than we ever thought we could.

It has given us the time and space to reflect. YES, the Jazz hands and sparkles, a stage where 'anything goes' and a place where you can be who or what you want to be without judgement is top of the list, this has always been "The LJ way" but we realise that there is more. We have introduced our Lemojis to encourage children to release theirs (emotions!) and see that every emotion can be a positive one. Fear brings pride when we overcome it, Sadness makes happiness so much stronger and we can get EXCITED about anything!! Moving forward, we will bring our Lemojis into lessons to help children & young adults explore them with all the fun and creativity that we do with everything else. We cannot wait!

Have a brilliant Summer! Save some memories to share with us when we return to class! All the LJ Love xx

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