Weekly Classes & Clubs

Our thorough research shows that children are much more likely to thrive in all areas of life if they feel confident and encouraged. That is what LJ is all about. More info on each class is on our bookings page

Jelly Tots

A perfect intoduction to dance and drama. Come and explore the world around us, improve co-ordination and articulation through a fun, creative journey.

Street dance

Dance along to your favourite music and enjoy learning new skills and techniques while having fun!


A fun, weekly Drama class to explore different themes, Characters and emotions. Children will develop storytelling skills and creativity while having fun!


Many students are discovering LAMDA which is a hugely beneficial journey for young people. Learn how to use and utilise your voice through speech and Drama examinations. These classes are taught within schools and online.

We work on a 1-1 basis with children aged 6+ and we work on the Acting, Public Speaking and Verse & Prose syllabus.


more info on our class locations and prices can be found here