Rugby Academy

Please complete the form by clicking the button above and we will be in touch to arrange your two week free taster session. 

Thorough research shows that children are much more likely to thrive in all areas of life if they feel confident and encouraged. We offer a two week, free taster session because it is so important for children to have a good feel for what we do before you commit to the term with us. We are so confident that you will enjoy the classes.


Dance along to your favourite music and enjoy learning new skills and techniques while having fun!

Fun, weekly Drama class to explore different themes, Characters and emotions. Children will develop storytelling skills and creativity while having fun!

Musical Theatre, singing, moving and acting to your favourite songs from musicals and movies that we all love. Film Making; creating and producing short filming collections to watch and enjoy with family and friends.

Our next performance is at Sue Townsend Theatre, Leicester on 26th June! 

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