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We want to empower children while providing essential fun and allowing kids to

"be who they want to be"

Every child deserves a space to feel confident, expand creativity and release passion. Lemon Jelly IS that place and we just happen to be really good at what we do! 

Hayley & Kelle are from the old school, competitive nature of performing arts classes and while this gave them skills and discipline for a very successful career in performing arts, the goal was always to develop a programme which would nurture talent within every child and release confidence for whatever their future holds.

Drama and performing arts is (thankfully) being recognised as an essential tool in the development of childrens physical, emotional and mental well being and it is our mission to pass our infectious energy and confidence on to as many children as possible, to give them the courage to pursue any dream. We are so confident that you will LOVE being a part of LJ that we are offering TWO WEEKS FREE - There is no reason not to give it a go!

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