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Our  Story

Hayley & Kelle are from the old school, competitive nature of performing arts classes and while this gave them skills and discipline for a successful career in performing arts, they wanted to develop a programme to nurture talent within every child and release confidence for whatever their future holds.

Drama and performing arts is (thankfully) being recognised as an essential tool in the development of childrens physical, emotional and mental well being and it is our mission to pass our infectious energy and confidence on to as many children as possible, to give them the courage to pursue any dream.

Our classes are designed to empower children while providing essential fun and allowing kids to

"be who they want to be"

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We are always looking for dynamic, passionate people with an interest in making a difference to the children on our future to join our brilliant team of Franchisees. Are you that person? You do not necessarily need a background in performing arts, just a passion for growth & fun and a desire to learn from our fabulous team. The financial rewards are limitless and your business can either provide a fruitful lifestyle income or grow into a full time business with fantastic profit.

Interested? Please email make initial enquiry.

Join us?

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