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Collective effervescence

May 24, 20242 min read

"The feeling of energy and harmony when people are engaged in a shared purpose"

I recently watched the Oasis Documentary "SUPERSONIC" and yesterday was reminded of it again while listening to a podcast. I'm an 80's baby that grew in the 90's. Oasis were a HUGE part of my life, as they were most people. Their gig at Knebworth is still one of the biggest of all time with half a million people attending to watch in real life, not through the camera of an iphone!

I remember a funny quote from Liam Gallagher saying that all he had to do was fart and it would get to number one! This gig was massive and everyone wanted to be a part of it. Those who were lucky enough to experience it, will have forever memories of that experience, the feeling, the atmosphere. People dropped everything spend hours in a phone queue for tickets, they missed work, appointments, dates, everything. Why?..... Collective effervescence, they wanted to be part of the energy, the vibe.

As we embark on our 3rd BIG SHOW at the Ally pally in North London, we have been asked so many times by people who know our business and our finances - Why? This will cost you so much money, this will take so much time to organise, there is so much red tape, it's just not worth it!

COLLECTIVE EFFERVESCENCE - We want to initiate that feeling, it is what we do. We all know, from the two years of intermittent lockdowns, what it is like to miss out on opportunity to be around people and their energy. We have an opportunity to give children a magical experience, something that will be in their memories forever.... that's why!

I was worried about writing this because sometimes I can come across a little 'too passionate' - some people wont understand and will feel inconvenienced by this big show. BUT.......... I know what it feels like to be a child on a stage, feeling the buzz, the confidence to do anything I want to do and THAT IS WHY? Every kid deserves to have that feeling and every parent, grandparent, family friend and beyond, should witness that energy, that confidence and share that forever memory with their child. The experience and confidence that they get from this show will be a forever memory, I am absolutely sure of that.

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