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A globally recognised institution renowned for its high standards and prestigious qualifications. LAMDA provides comprehensive training in acting, speaking, and performance, equipping students with versatile skills which are applicable across various industries.

Many students are discovering LAMDA which is a hugely beneficial journey for young people. Learn how to use and utilise your voice through speech and Drama examinations. These classes are taught within schools and online.We work on a 1-1 basis with children aged 6+ and we work on the Acting, Public Speaking and Verse & Prose syllabus.​We run in many schools around London and the Midlands, to discover more about our LAMDA sessions, please get in touch.

Benefits of LAMDA

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1861, it quickly established itself as a centre of excellence in performance training. LAMDA has provided theatre and the world of film and television with generation upon generation of first-class actors and expertly-trained stage managers across the world.

Exams help us to

  • Improve standards in communication through the spoken word

  • Foster an appreciation of literature, poems and drama

  • Acknowledge levels of achievement

  • Support the creative, intellectual and social development of the individual


Preparation can

  • unlock the imagination and creative-thinking

  • develop communication skills

  • refine technical skills and artistry

  • promote team-working.

"Education is not preparation for life: Education is life itself"


Your Questions Answered

How do I sign up?

Initially you will have had information from your school who will introduce Lemon Jelly and the benefits of the LAMDA programme, times and schedules. Once you have the information, we will direct you to book with the relevant LAMDA tutor at your school. Classes are to be paid for one term in advance.

How much do LAMDA lessons cost?

Lessons can be vary from £20-25 per 30 minute session depending on your location and school. Lessons are booked a term in advance. We work in line with existing peripatetic music lessons at your school and suggested rates with LAMDA.

How long will it take for my child to take an exam?

This all depends on the development, progress and commitment of each student. We strongly encourage at least one exam session per year but most venues we run in have a minimum of two exam sessions during the school year. We work very hard to prepare students for exams but the learning of lines and confidence with the script is also representative of the additional practice outside of the class.The required guided learning hours are 10-20 for most grades but much more for Grades 6-8

Where do the exams take place?

Lemon Jelly is a registered exam centre and this means that we can run exams in each of the schools we work in. This provides confidence for pupils and students and is much more convenient for everyone involved. They often take place in your school on a school day (with the exception of some Saturdays where a school day is not possible).

How do I know if my child is ready for an exam?

Exam sessions need to be booked (applied and paid for) at least 6 weeks before the exam date. As a result, we assess pupils and students between 8 & 10 weeks of a scheduled exam session. At this point they need to have learned their pieces and showed potential. We absolutely do not expect them to be exam ready at this stage but knowing the pieces means that we spend the following 8-10 weeks on directional practice, character development (for Acting exams) and the knowledge section of the exam. The result of assessment as absolutely down to the tutor and not the individual or Parents. If the tutor does not feel that the pupil or student is ready, they will not be entered for the exam and feedback will always be provided in the LAMDA LOG.

How can we help our child with LAMDA?

The main focus is enjoyment for learning the pieces. Our tutors will have a variety of ways to help encourage and engage your child with their pieces as different methods will help different individuals. We provide every pupil and student with a LAMDA LOG. This is a record book where the tutor will make a few comments at the end of the lesson with positive feedback and/or areas to work on at home. Parents are also welcome to make notes to the tutor if required.

Which LAMDA syllabus will my child work on?

We can accommodate the whole LAMDA library but (at the request of many schools) we tend to stick with Verse & Prose, Acting and Public Speaking. Tutors will advise which syllabus is suited to each child at each stage of their LAMDA journey. We appreciate that parents and students may have a request for certain grades and syllabus entry but please trust our knowledge, experience and skills. It is what we do!

Can parents watch lessons or Exams?

No, is our short answer. We expect pupils and students to prepare in their classes exactly as they would perform in the exam. We always provide a short piece of feedback in the LAMDA LOG and we are happy to answer any questions, any time, about your child's progress and preparation in LAMDA. The exams are strictly for candidates only. Even Tutors are not allowed in the exam room.

My child has additional learning needs. Can they still take LAMDA exams?

Yes! Absolutely. We should always be aware of any additional learning needs at the time of booking and we would ask that this is completed in the "additional information" section when you register with us. We may call you to discuss further. With exams, there may be need for a RA (Reasonable Adjustment). We have attached some information from LAMDA on RA's here

How long before we get Exam results?

Typically LAMDA advise that the results take up to 6 weeks. There are occasions when they are quicker than that. As soon as we receive the paper copies, we release them to the Tutors for handing out to students.

How do we receive certificates?

All certificates, medals and paper reports are handed to the LAMDA student. They are signed for (by the student) upon receiving and Lemon Jelly will keep a copy of the signed report. Certificate replacements can be obtained directly from LAMDA and their current fee for replacement is £30. Some schools may choose to present certificates in assemblies.

How do I contact my child's LAMDA tutor?

The best form of communication is via the LAMDA log book. This is viewed by the tutor during every LAMDA lesson and it is essential that your child brings this each week. If you have any specific email requests, you are welcome to contact our office but it may take a little longer to process, which is why the book serves as a great communication tool between you and the Tutor.

What time are the lessons each week?

Many lessons happen on a revolving timetable which means that your child will come out of their school timetabled lesson for 30 minutes each week to attend LAMDA. We understand the importance of consistency with school subjects and we try very hard to ensure that they do not miss the same subject lesson too many times. We have to work with subject teachers, trips and other school events so we cannot meet individual requests for times. We can ensure that your child will have the allocated number of lessons each week. Exceptions are made for GCSE, A'level and students requiring special educational support.

What if my child misses a lesson?

If your child is absent from school, on a trip or taking an exam at the time of their scheduled lesson then we will always try our very best to make up the session. If 48hrs notice is given then we will definitely make up for the time missed. It may not be within the same week but it will be made up during the term. Please provide notice by emailing [email protected]

If a student fails to turn up for a lesson, the tutor is not obliged to make up the time that has been inconveniently missed. Tutors will always attempt to find a student if they do not arrive for their scheduled lesson.

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