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Production term

Lemon Jelly production term classes offer a unique range of activities for those interested in producing work, filming, podcasts, choreography, script work and putting together a whole production. Our classes provide young minds with the tools and confidence to excel in the creative field.

Production term


Children get to pick their topics, write their questions and look at interviewing technique. We will enjoy recording these, either for audio or filming purposes. Podcasts are ever growing and this is a great way to develop vocal confidence and conversational technique. 

Music Videos

Children will look at popular songs that they like and perform their own (or the teachers) through storytelling and film work. They may use green screen and film sections or a finished piece within the term. 

Safe, Nurturing and fun 

All of our staff are DBS checked, first aid trained and guided under Lemon Jelly training. The safety of your child is of paramount importance. This is why we carefully select venues, a fab team and plan our weeks down to the tiniest detail 

Production Planning

Children will take a script, edit it, cast the production and assign production roles within their group. They will take on all the planning work involved in preparing a production. They will not perform the pieces but may film. part of the process.


Children will work on shorter scripts and look at Green screen and how they act for camera. They may produce something to watch back at the end of the project but the fun is in the learning. 

Our thanks to you

We like to keep the classes and terms as varied as possible and we always collaborate with the children for their ideas. If you have any feedback on our classes or term structure, please email us as we strive to deliver exceptional service. 

What Our Clients Say

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Dancing Girls

Our spanish visitors 

We have 2 girls who travel from spain to join us every year and have done for the past 7 years (except covid). They always make amazing friends and have a fabulous time. We learn so much from them too. We love having them with us.  
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