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Teen girls

We currently have FUSION classes in Leicester, Mill Hill & Rugby. If we are not displaying FUSION classes in your area, please email us here as we may be in the middle of planning an opening near you. 

Benefits and opportunities with FUSION

Alright, diving into the world of Drama and Musical Theatre as a teenager? It's not just about lights, camera, action—it's a legit crash course in life skills. 

  1. Boost Confidence: Channeling different characters? Major confidence booster. Stepping into diverse roles is like a confidence workout with applause as your reward.

  2. Master the Art of Communication: Drama sharpens communication skills. It's not just about lines; it's about nailing emotions and telling a compelling story.

  3. Teamwork Rules: Forget solo acts—Theatre is a team sport. You're collaborating with a crew to put on a fab show. That's a skill you'll carry into every corner of life.

  4. Emotional Intelligence Overdrive: Ever wondered what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes? Drama puts you in touch with a range of emotions, making you an emotional intelligence pro.

  5. Express Your Creativity: Whether you're belting out tunes, perfecting dance moves, or bringing a character to life, Lemon Jelly FUSION unleashes your creative side. 

  6. Navigate the Unexpected: Live performances aren't always smooth sailing. Drama teaches you to roll with the punches and keep your cool when things get a bit chaotic. Real-world readiness, right there.

  7. Time Management Ninja: With rehearsals and shows, you'll become a pro at managing your time. Balancing school, drama, and life? Consider it handled.

  8. Cultural Odyssey: At LJ FUSION we will explore diverse themes and cultures. It's like a journey without leaving the studio, broadening your understanding of the world.

  9. Lifelong Friendships: Collaborating on a play or musical forms bonds that go beyond the stage. You're building a network that's got your back—professionally and personally.

  10. Job Skills Preview: Drama skills aren't just for the stage. The creativity, communication, and adaptability you pick up are sneak peeks into success, no matter where life takes you.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

01858 545599

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