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Mill Hill

Fridays & Saturdays (Jelly tots) (5-7yrs). (8-10yrs) (FUSION 11+)

Lemon Jelly Mill Hill is an excellent academy class and we have been at with Belmont and Mill Hill school for many years, providing 1-1 LAMDA lessons. We have seen so many talented young people come through our doors and some of those lovely people are now LJ teachers.

We have 4 classes on Fridays and Saturdays

  • 5pm-8pm Fridays (FUSION Theatre Company for 11+)

  • 9am-9:45 Saturdays (Jelly Tots)

  • 10am-12pm Saturdays (5-7yrs)

  • 10am-1pmpm saturdays (8-10yrs)

All classes are focused on dance, Musical Theatre, Drama, Film making and so much more. No two weeks are the same at Lemon Jelly and we take pride on collaborating with our students ideas. We have 3 terms, each with a different focus.

  • Technique term (learning new scripts, dance routines, vocal techniques and all other technical aspects of the performing arts industry)

  • Production term (we will work with you to produce something from scratch; a news item, an advert, a whole play, a podcast, the options are endless).

  • Performance term. One for the parents to come and see their children celebrate all of the wonderful skills that have been learned at Lemon Jelly. These could be big shows like the 02, the Alexandra Palace and Her Majestys Theatre or smaller, local Theatres. Information coming soon

Jodie Roberts

Jodie Roberts

Academy Principle

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23rd - 27th October

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