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Online! What? Lemon Telly?

So........ CoVid 19 has dramatically changed EVERYTHING for everyone in the last few weeks. The majority of us have gone from wholesome households with active lifestyles (OK, on Instagram - we can pretend at least!!) who have stable jobs to parent/TEACHERS?? Many of us have a mega loss of income and a dozen more plates to spin. All of that on top of increasing cabin fever.

Where are these people that claim to be watching Netflix all day, spring cleaning their homes to cinderella standards and prettifying their Gardens??...................Not in this house, that's for sure. Definitely not people with children of Primary school age either! I derive from a childhood where Jazz hands, sparkles and A LOT of chat has got me by in life! Now...... I am writing conjunctive sentences from comprehension worksheets and figuring out fractions while little people try to bargain me with another game of ONLINE GOLF!! Please send help!!

The very thing that put the fear into me (online classes) is the same thing that has kept my sanity during the last 10 days! Seeing the gorgeous LJ kids, dancing around their homes, getting their parents involved with barmy dances that would normally be "really, not cool" in class, watching my own children see (and enjoy) how Mummy works and what she really does while they are at school has been more fulfilling than I could have imagined. I have LOVED every bit of online interaction with our LJ family and we have accumulated more members along the way too. The saying "every cloud" is ringing true for me right now.

While the financial uncertainty of Lemon Jelly remains a stress, the determination to keep our amazing teachers in work, the worry of when will we ever get to run our face to face classes again is helped by the love and support that we have seen during this time. Hayley & I always look at the positive in a situation and we genuinely believe that positivity makes a huge difference (no Hippy Vibes intended) So I guess my discovery from this experience is, if we can see the positive in this situation, the rest will somehow fall into the right place.

Sending all the love to our LJ family and beyond and we hope to see your smiley faces 'in real life' again very soon!

Kelle x

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