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Social benefits of Dance

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

by Kristi Trown

There is something about creating, rehearsing and performing together that creates incredibly strong bonds between people. To this day, some of my closest friends are those who I trained with, and the connection and friendship that we have is unlike any other. So it is truly heart-warming to see this replicated in the LJ students – knowing that they are making lifelong friends and seeing the wonderful support that they offer one another fills me with pride.

It is important to me that the children I teach understand the significance of positive communication, encouragement, and support within dance, and how crucial it is to combine these skills to demonstrate good teamwork. By using all of these skills in a creative situation, the students are able to learn how a group must work together to produce the desired outcome. These social skills will remain with the students way beyond the dance studio, and assist extensively with their confidence in dealing with social situations – voicing their opinions, being considerate of others, and working well as a valued and well-respected member of any team.

I am incredibly passionate about dance and all of the benefits that come with it, and I aspire to share my enthusiasm with each and every student that I have the pleasure of teaching. Together, we learn, we build, we create, and if we open ourselves up to the opportunities that dance has to offer, I have no doubt that we’ll feel those benefits. Let’s continue to encourage resilience and confidence in our children and remember – We should all dance! :)

Kristi x

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