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School Clubs & Classes

We run lots of clubs and classes in schools and this gives children a taster of what we do in our performing arts academies. Clubs focus on releasing confidence in every child. It is a fun way to end the school day with a release of energy and an opportunity to learn new dance routines or develop drama pieces (depending on the club chosen in your school). 

Although we focus on Progress from September through to July, children are welcome to join us at any time throughout the academic year. 

  • How do I book tickets and how much do they cost?
    All tickets are sold via the Alexandra Palace and are priced at £25 (plus booking fees and levies of £4.50). We have worked hard to negotiate a discounted rate for group bookings which has delayed our sales dates. However, we have been successful in securing a 10% discount for groups of 4 or more.
  • How much does the coach cost from Leicestershire?
    There will be coaches organised from Leicestershire and more information will be announced here soon. The buses from Leicestershire will leave at 9am and the cost is approximately £22 per passenger for a return journey (no single journeys available).
  • Can we leave belongings on the coach?
    All belongings must be taken off of the coach for the day.
  • Does my child need a packed lunch?
    Yes, along with a packed tea and plenty to drink. It will be a long day with plenty of breaks. Slow releasing energy foods like pasta & bananas are great. Please try to avoid too much sugar and fizzy drinks. We operate a NO NUTS policy and this includes Nutella, Peanut Butter, some cereal bars and Pesto. Children will have lots of supervised break times. Providing plenty of water is essential so please make sure your child has lots to drink.
  • Is it easy to get to if I don't go by coach?
    PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NATIONAL TRAIN STRIKES ON 1st APRIL and this will affect travel to Alexandra Palace. The Ally Pally can be accessed by Bus, Train or Tube for those close to London. The closest tube station is Wood Green and the local bus route is W3 from Finsbury Park and Tottenham. Further information on transport links and parking at the venue can be found here
  • Is there Parking and how much does it cost?
    yes, there is Parking within the grounds of the palace and it is currently around £3 for the day, to park.
  • What does my child need to bring?
    You will have been given costumes for your child to bring with them on show day or your LJ teacher will inform you of costumes that they will bring. all participants will need hair and make-up things, more info in our checklist here. They will need a packed lunch & tea, plenty of water and lots of energy
  • How much do costumes cost?
    We are very conscious of costume prices and it is our main aim to ensure that Parents do not spend huge amounts of money on costume. We ask that all children wera their LJ T-shirt and black bottoms (leggings or Joggers) and black trainers, plimsoles of Jazz shoes. These are staple items which are worn in class each week anyway so all children should already have these. Costumes provided by Lemon Jelly are hired out to you for a fee of £10-£15 for all Items that you will borrow. This is to cover costs of cleaning and repairing. We are a small operation that does not have a huge budget or warehouse for costumes. Many items are bought specifically and/or hired for the purpose of this show. The average cost to us is £12 per costume (most classes are being provided with 2) Your hire fee is a contribution to the overall cost of costuming everyone.
  • Can I still get tickets
    YES! Tickets can be purchased here
  • Can my child bring devices to the theatre?
    No devices in the theatre please. There will be plenty going on for children all day and we will not accept responsibility for any devices, phones and other valuables on show day.
  • Will the show be filmed?
    No, we will not be filming the show due to additional costs and licensing BUT we do have a professional photographer to capture moments of the day for you to keep as a memory. We used this photographer last year in Leicester and his work is very good. Have a look at his website
  • Can I take photos & Videos
    No photography or videography is permitted. Aside from the fact that we cannot photograph or film other children under any circumstances, we feel it is so important to immerse yourself in this experience with your child. It prompted us to write a blog post on it after watching a documentary on Oasis (the band) in the 90's. You can read our blog here on collective effervescence. We do have a professional photographer who will capture some great moments during the rehearsals. We have used them before and we think they're great. Have a look at their work
  • What time does the show start and finish
    Doors Open (Along with the bar) at 3:30pm Show starts at 4:30pm Finish time 6:30-6:45pm.
  • Can parents stay for the pre show rehearsal?
    No. Parents are not permitted to stay. they need to drop their child to their registration point at the entrance of the theatre and you will collect them at the end of the show. We have very strict safeguarding procedures and Parents are only allowed in the designated public areas.
  • What time do we need to be at the theatre?
    A list of arrival times will be added here soon.
  • Will there be plenty of break time?
    YES!! A lot of break time. Each class has just 45 minutes of rehearsal on stage, the rest of the time is either break time or getting ready for the show with occasional practise off stage. All children will be supervised by their LJ teacher and other staff members at all times.

Popular workshops for school

Drama, Dance & Performing Arts is our "Thing" and we can empathise with the pressure put on schools today to bring so much to the classroom. 
Let us take the pressure off of some of the creative tasks and bring us in for a workshop to enhance your learning. A list of the popular ones are below but we can provide anything to suit you, your pupils/students and your school. 

We run a number of after school clubs too. Please click "book a class" above and see what is in your area.

Email us to get LJ in your school.
We would love to work with you. 







Or anything that suits your pupils/students and school. 
What we can promise is energy, enthusiasm and the ability to release confidence from even the most shy among your class. 

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