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Jelly tots

A perfect introduction to dance and drama. Come and explore the world around us, improve co-ordination and articulation through a fun, creative journey.


More about Jelly Tots


Lemon Jelly Tots is a fun, music and movement class for children aged 3-5 years. No two weeks are the same as we embark on a creative journey through storytelling, dance, poetry and film creation. Within the 45 minute session, children will learn how to warm up their bodies, develop spacial awareness as they dance to some of their favourite music and put together routines to help them develop their co-ordination and memory.

We then venture into the world of drama and acting as we creatively explore familiar stories, highlighting feelings and movement of the popular characters. We will always work towards some form of performance, whether that be recorded (for the children to watch themselves back on screen) or a live performance for parents to watch.

We are expanding our Jelly Tots classes so if we are not in your area and you would like us to be, please pop us an email here

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